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Living Income's Notes

How will providing a Living Income Benefit the World

Living Income Guaranteed

by Equal Life Foundation

Spirituality Exposed

Sprituality is just another religion to sustain our existance as enslaved and control human beings. it is time to Expose the spirit and to walk the solution that will physically bring about Heaven on Earth

Inspired by desteni - a Yogi's Journey to Life

Self-Forgiveness, Self-Responsibility, Action and Non-Violence.

Ingreso de Vida Garantizado

Fundación Vida en Igualdad

A Parent's Journey To Life

Sharing The Process of Realizing My Potential As A Parent.

An Alpha Male's Journey To Life

Walking my process of self change through self honesty and self forgiveness


Cathy Krafft........-..Sharing My Journey to Life

Adam's Journey Into Life

How to measure out the journey into life, the deliberate steps we take to change our own designs and patterns, systems, personalities, and free ourselves to really actually live within and as this physical existence? These are days not of the calendar, but days as records of deliberate steps from out of an accepted consciousness imposed reality, and into awareness. Adam Closs

Fundación Vida en Igualdad

Equal Life Foundation

Michelle's DIP Blog

Michelle's Desteni I Process works


Blogs dedicados a la Fundación de Vida en Igualdad

MarlenLife's Blog

Learning to Live Life in Self Honesty

Oneness and Equality

Exploring Self as Life as Oneness and equality - standing as the principle of what is best for all, until heaven on earth is established for all living beings unconditionally -- http://www.desteni.org

Spiritual Exposed

Just another WordPress.com site

El Camino hacia la Vida de un Humano

“En este camino los patrones que constituyen lo que hemos aceptado como Nuestra Realidad serán deconstruidos a través del Perdón a Uno Mismo y Reconstruidos a través de un compromiso de corrección hacia aquello que es mejor para toda la vida." - Bernard Poolman

Sylvie Jacobs writing Self to Self-Honesty ........ The first step is always the awareness that everything has always been an illusion - so let it go.

Realising Self-Honesty as equal and one as all Here in Breath is the Key to total Freedom for humanity to Rebirth self - Realising that whatever goes through your mind as your head is NOT real. Only that what is REAL, is what is HERE in the Physical!

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